Broadside Episode 3!

2410124_origIn the third episode of Broadside we interview Executive Artistic Director of Gadfly Theatre Productions, Cassandra Snow, on Gadfly’s queer show season and hunt for a permanent home. We also discuss Tribe 8’s Lynnee Breedlove and his book Lynnee Breedlove’s One Freak Show, as well as the 2015 feature film Freeheld starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page.


Gadfly Theatre Productions

Lynnee Breedlove on the Moth

She Rock She Rock

Tribe 8

“Twin Cities Queer Art Goes Digital”  by Cassandra Snow in The




Broadside Episode 2!

In this episode we discuss the Guerrilla Girls Twin Cities Takeover, the Oscar-nominated film Carol, as well as Carrie Brownstein’s memoir Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl.


Rebel Queens

Christine Hoberg

Theatre Novi Most & The Seagull

She Rock She Rock

Broadside Episode 1!


Summary: In this very first episode we speak with the directors of Basic Instinct 1:1, Samantha Johns and Shelby Richardson, review the book Chelsea Girls by Eileen Myles and discuss the Oscar-nominated film The Danish Girl.


Basic Instinct 1:1

Cadence and the Wolf


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