Broadside is a queer feminist conversation about arts and culture. We work to support queer and feminist art, music, and theater by providing a platform for discussion and connection among artists and communities both in the Twin Cities and nationally. Broadside strives to represent a diverse group of artists and cultural workers through coverage and commentary. We hope to address what we perceive as a lack of spaces for substantive dialogue about queer and feminist-produced work, particularly by local artists. We join a growing community of voices working to open up more of these spaces.

About Us

Kelly McKay

Kelly McKay is an arts educator working with youth throughout the greater Twin Cities. Since receiving her PhD in Theatre Arts from the University of Minnesota in September 2015, she has been teaching classes in drama, stop-motion animation, and Spanish language. She is a volunteer with Hollaback!, the international anti-street harassment campaign, and the Animal Humane Society. She also plays drums in the feminist punk band Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. In her spare time she Instagrams endless photos of her dog.
Kristen Stoeckeler


Kristen Stoeckeler is a performing artist working across the disciplines of theater, music and dance in the Twin Cities. Kristen is pursuing her PhD in Theatre Arts at the University of Minnesota where she is currently teaching the course Queer Performance and LGBT Theater to undergraduate students. She is also one-third of the local band Kitty Kitty Bang Bang. In her free time, she is enjoying such radical pleasures in life as playing dress-up and petting kittens.

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