Broadside Episode 12!


Episode 12 is our Comedy episode! We chat at you about Ali Wong’s hilarious stand-up special Baby Cobra out earlier this year on Netflix, Maria Bamford’s wacky new Netflix series Lady Dynamite and Tig Notaro’s quirky new series One Mississippi available on Then we Real-Talk National Coming Out Day. Real. Talk.

Featuring local “bluegrassy, dirty, comedy” music by Courtney McClean and the Dirty Curls!


Broadside Episode 11!


In episode 11 of Broadside, we discuss Michael Elyanow’s play The Children, a contemporary spin on the classic Medea story. Kelly lambasts the Amazon Original series Transparent while Kristen loves on it. Lastly, we sing the praises of local feminist blogger Shannon Drury’s new book Diary of a Rad Housewife.


The Children

The Radical Housewife

Gender Reel Minneapolis 2016

Midwesterrrn Riot

She Rock She Rock Zine-Making Workshop for Youth

Gramma’s Boyfriend



Broadside Episode 10!


In the very first episode of season two of Broadside, we review Sandbox Theatre’s feminist post-apocalyptic play 600 Years, discuss Mary Dore’s 2014 women’s lib documentary film She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry, and give you the low-down on some rad liberationist feminist manifestos from the 1970s.


OutFront Minnesota Anti-Violence Program Survey

This summer the Anti-Violence Program at OutFront Minnesota held a community forum to discuss relationship abuse, sexual violence, and community accountability in LGBTQ communities. As a result of this listening session we developed a survey to gather more information about individuals’ experiences and perspectives on LGBTQ abuse and violence.

We hope to hear from a diverse spectrum of the LGBTQ people across Minnesota in order to develop and implement new community-based strategies for violence education and prevention. In our experience systems-based responses don’t work for all survivors and often times actually harm survivors more than help. Survivors are continuously re-victimized by mainstream services providers, organizations, and institutions.

We are invested in creating alternatives for survivors and we can’t do it without your help. Together we can start to think outside of the box and look at new approaches to health, wellness, healing, and accountability within LGBTQ communities. The survey will run from Sept. 6th to Oct. 31st, is confidential and anonymous, and takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.



Broadside Episode 9!


In this last episode of Season One of Broadside, we chat with Executive Artistic Director of Patrick’s Cabaret, Scott Artley, and give it to you straight about the 2015 film Stonewall. We also Real Talk…about kids…

Broadside Episode 8!


In this episode of Broadside we review three awesome queer podcasts: The Queer Truth, The Queer Public, and Tagg Nation. We also discuss the 2010 film The Runaways and drool over Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett (hot hot hot!!). Finally we chat about Jaime Hernandez’ Maggie the Mechanic from the comic series Love & Rockets <3

Broadside Episode 7! Mini-Edition

The_Duke_of_Burgundy_UK_PosterIn our first of two special mini-episodes of Broadside–‘cuz Kristen’s skipping town for a few weeks–we review the film Duke of Burgundy at the suggestion of one very special listener, institute a new system for rating movies based on the fist, and introduce the new segment Broadside Real Talk by gettin’ real about bros at the gym (‘cuz someone’s gotta).

Broadside Episode 6!


Episode six of Broadside is COMICS themed! We speak to Twin Cities-based queer cartoonist Anna Bongiovanni about being a queermo in the world making art. We also review the wonderful YA graphic novel Nimona by Noelle Stevenson, as well as tell you our big feels about the 2013 film Blue is the Warmest Color based on the graphic novel of the same title by Julie Maroh.


Anna Bongiovanni

Anna’s Tumblr

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Fist You Podcast

Queer Book Club at Boneshaker Books

Bruise Violet

Broadside Episode 5!


In episode five of Broadside we speak with Dykes Do Drag producer Heather Spear (aka the Gentleman King) about queer drag and the history of the country’s longest running queer performance cabaret. We also discuss Queen Latifah in the film Bessie, and our big feels about Mo’Nique as Ma Rainey in drag. Finally, we talk about Ellen Page’s documentary series Gaycation…real talk!


Dykes Do Drag

To Be Honest Art Show

Bricks and Bones


Broadside Episode 4!


In our fourth episode of Broadside, we discuss the play Love Person written by Aditi Brennan Kapil and currently playing at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul. For Broadside Book Club, we review Maggie Nelson’s book The Argonauts, and for Broadside Film Skool we review Harry Dodge and Silas Howard’s film By Hook or By Crook.

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